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Lawn Beautification

This client wanted to rid his backyard of weeds, crabgrass, and holes dug by his dogs.  We removed the existing growth and installed a new sod lawn.





More Examples

This home needed a new design and the owner didn’t have the time to do it himself.

These customers built a breath-taking new home, but wanted Hild Landscaping to help them design and install outdoor living spaces. 

These customers needed a finished approach to their driveway.  We installed a retaining wall and poured a concrete approach.

Hild Landscaping designed a landscape for this customer’s new patio in the back of her home.

This beautiful new home needed high quality landscaping and hardscaping to add to its appeal. 

These clients had outdated & overgrown landscaping in the front of their newly remodeled home.

Are you a homeowner who just doesn’t have the time to make your landscaping look the way you would like it to?

This couple had railroad ties installed in the 1970s to work as retaining walls. 

Hild Landscaping transformed the back of these clients’ home into a wonderful outdoor living space using VAST Patio Pavers.  

These clients wanted an outdoor staircase to easily go from their walkout basement to the upper level of their lawn. 

These types of shrubs were the “hot item” 30 years ago, but unfortunately, many of them look like this today. 

When customers desire a more finished look around their home, Hild Landscaping provides a neat, finished look to accent eye-catching areas of...

A simple makeover for a small, backyard patio. These customers wanted to re-use the bricks from their existing patio, while adding a...

Often our customers need a way to travel from their upper level patio to a lower level such as a walkout basement...

This client wanted to rid his backyard of weeds, crabgrass, and holes dug by his dogs. 

This patio and pergola replaced a rocky, hilly backyard. After the clients selected a natural flagstone, the custom pergola was built.

These customers wanted a new patio to host outdoor gatherings and as a place to enjoy a quiet evenings.

This project needs little description.  The difference was pretty drastic from start to finish.

These homeowners had only a small amount of landscaping at their new home.

These clients were looking for a solution to having dirt and debris blow into their pool on a regular basis.

These clients had a beautiful new home with no landscaping or outdoor features.